Theora 1.0 is out!

The final release of everyone’s favorite video format is finally here, and though Xiph tried to postpone it as long as possible in solidarity with Duke Nukem Forever (which is taking forever, by the way), the desperate cries of our many fans plus long hours at night ironing out bugs have converged into the most stable and rock-solid version of any video format out there. I kid you not.

Now, if you are wondering why words like “stable” and “mature” keep popping up around this release that’s because it was the order of the day. The priority in 1.0 was making sure Theora was not an interesting experiment but a powerful tool in daily life, ready for any situation were reliability takes precedence. As many have come to learn, Theora is incredibly portable, vastly documented and fast even in slow processors.

But Ivo, you say, what about those awesome quality improvements? Well, that will have to wait for Theora 1.1 as the new encoder is currently not as mature as the one in 1.0, but the good news is that you can already start using it. Download this enconder binary and have fun with it.

2 Responses to “Theora 1.0 is out!”

  1. 1 ZikZak

    Very good news for the patent free codec.
    I’m using Theora-Thusnelda since the begining and with every change the quality is improved.

    I’m also using a version of Firefox (3.1b1 now) that can handle the video tag.

    You can have a look at both on this page, the video uses Theora and Vorbis with a bitrate of 256kbps.

  2. 2 Tiberian

    Awesome, this was actually something I was waiting for.

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