Theora Sea, the YouTube of Ogg Theora

Hello everyone. Are you enjoying the new design and main page of SOM? The Spanish version of SOM will be available soon.

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about one of the greatest things to ever happen to Theora: the Theora Sea website. Really! And I just found out about it now, today, a hour ago. Think of it as a mix of YouTube and Digg for Ogg video only. Most amazing thing. I have always felt the need to build an application like that and finally someone took that burden away from me, while doing it pretty well. When I say Theora Sea is one of the greatest things to hit the Web for the Ogg cause I kid you not. It uses a mix of Cortado and ITheora to achieve the embeding and does it very well. It’s not the <video> element, but hey it does the trick.

For the love of all that is sacred to you! Take this chance and promote Theora Sea (along with SOM)! The more people sharing video there, the more people that will know Theora, the more people that will use it, the more software there will be to work with it.

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  1. 1 JosephK

    I’m the webmaster of TheoraSea and the developper of ITheora… the last version of ITheora works with the video tag on Opera 9.50… (not only Cortado)
    To see what it means :

    and thank you for your article :)

  2. 2 Matthew also provides Ogg Theora uploads and downloads, however Flash Player is required to view streaming Flash Player Video files on the website. seems to have much more content than TheoraSea.

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